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We suggest the PADI Scuba Diver course. With almost one million certifications per year in 175 countries, PADI is a Leader in scuba training.


Try scuba diving

Have you ever asked yourself what it’s like to breathe underwater? Whether your diving baptism is at the swimming pool, in the ocean or even more complete baptism (the Discover Scuba Diver which can count towards your first level of Open Water Diver) our team will adjust itself to your needs to help you discover the fabulous world underwater. Minimum age is 10 years old.


Children’s classes at the swimming pool

Introduce your children to the world of Scuba Diving in complete security at the pool, with Bubble Maker and PADI Seal Team courses starting at 8 years old.


Learn to Scuba Dive
NWe offer all levels of leisure diving, from Scuba Diving to Rescue Diving. Starting at 10 years of age, you can start by getting your first level.


Are you passionate about Scuba Diving? Become a PRO
Would you like to become a a pro, make a career of it or simply challenge yourself? Immerse yourself in Divemaster training and why not even become and Instructor?

Les formations PADI du club e plongee Barracuda Club Dakar

Try Diving

You just want to try something new and unique, see what it’s like to breathe underwater:

whether it’s at the pool or in the ocean, we propose a discovery dive to give you a sense of what it’s like to dive

Discover Scuba Diving

Have you ever asked asked yourself what it’s like to breathe underwater? Do you want to try scuba diving, but feel that you aren’t ready to go for a certification? If so, the DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING program is just for you. We offer this experience at the N’gor Bay, from a dive boat. Are you nervous about going into the ocean? Not to worry, you can try this at the pool as well.

Discover ScubaDiving
Try Dive

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING is a quick and easy introduction to the underwater world. After your first dive, you can decide to do an other dive which will be credited when you do an OPEN WATER DIVER training.

Baptême de plongée

To sign up for the PADI DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING experience, you must be at least 10 years old. No previous diving experience is needed. 


Breathing underwater for the first time is exciting, so why wait?



This program teaches children 8 years and up to use dive equipment under supervision to breathe underwater and swim in shallow water. This is ideal for children to get comfortable and start having fun before signing up for the PADI SEAL TEAL program.

Formation PADI Dakar
Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver

If you don’t have the time to complete the OPEN WATER DIVER certification, but you really want to start diving, the PADI SCUBA DIVER training may be right for you. The PADI SCUBA DIVER course is an intermediate step in getting the OPEN WATER DIVER certification, if that is your goal. PADI SCUBA DIVERS are qualified to: dive under the supervision of a PADI professional in a maximum depth of 12 metres.


Our course includes 3 lessons in a safe environment which we usually conduct in a swimming pool for more comfort and security, 2 sea dives and 3 theory courses. These dives will be credited towards the OPEN WATER DIVER level. After that, you will only need to complete 2 lessons in a controlled environment, 2 sea dives and 2 more theory courses.


In order to sign up for a PADI SCUBA DIVER course (or a JUNIOR SCUBA DIVER course), you must be 10 years of age or older. You need to know how to swim and be in good health. No previous experience in diving is necessary, but you can try it first in the DISCOVER SCUBA DIVER program.

Open Water Dive

Open Water Diver


Do you dream of escaping into a world full of colours, shapes, textures and creatures? Do you want to explore and connect with nature? Do you want to experience new things and face new challenges? Become a scuba diver and change your life forever, become a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER!


Millions of people have learned to dive and continued to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this world-renowned class.


Our course includes 5 classes in a protected space which we usually conduct in a swimming pool for comfort and security, 4 sea dives and 5 theory courses. All the techniques you’ll learn will lead you to manage your diving: buoyancy, orientation, self-sufficiency, coping with minor incidents, etc. It allows everyone to have the techniques and knowledge necessary for pleasant, fun and safe experiences in scuba diving.

Open Water Dakar

At the end of the this training, OPEN WATER DIVER certified divers can dive amongst themselves or accompanied up to 18 metres (depth limit for children under 12 years of age).


To sign up for a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER course (or a Junior OPEN WATER DIVER course) you must be 10 years or older. You must know how to swim and be in good physical health. No previous scuba diving experience is necessary, but you can try it in the DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING program.


If you still want to learn to dive, to go on new adventures, or simply to discover the wonders under the waves, the PADI OPEN WATER DIVER program is where it all begins.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Exploration, sensations, experiences. That’s what the PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER is. You don’t need to be experienced to take it, it’s designed to help you progress after the PADI OPEN WATER DIVER certification. It’s a nice way to gain more dive experience all while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. This certification is the logical next step after the OPEN WATER DIVER, which allows autonomy at 18 metres, whereas the ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER allows autonomy at 30 metres.

Advanced Open Water Dakar

This workshop strengthens the additional techniques used during deeper dives, dives using specific material (compass, lifting parachute, camera, scooter diving, etc) or practiced in specific conditions or sites (night, wreckage, stream, from a boat, etc). This course consists of 5 dives: the deep sea dive and orientation dive are mandatory; the 3 others can be chosen among theme dives offered by your teacher.


PADI JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVERS of at least 12 years of age can sign up for the JUNIOR ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER program, with a limitation on depth during deep sea dives.Young divers will not be allowed to attend certain Adventure dives.

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

Many divers describe the PADI RESCUE DIVER course as the most challenging and gratifying one. Why? Because you learn to prevent and manage problems underwater, to gain more confidence in your diving abilities all while knowing that you can help others if needed. Certified RESCUE DIVERS see past their BINOMIAL. They consider questions of the well-being and safety of their fellow divers.  This course is demanding, yet fun throughout the technique practices and role playing. Divers often say that this is the most important class they have ever taken.


Rescue Diver Dakar

The PADI RESCUE DIVER course will prepare you to face dive emergencies, both minor and major, through a variety of techniques. You will know what to observe and how to react  by increasing your knowledge, practising 10 exercises and role playing through 2 rescue techniques.You will put your knowledge and skills into practice. You will also have to prepare a course of action in case of an emergency, relevant to the locations where the scenarios will be led. The course is usually completed in 5 sessions.

PADI JUNIOR ADVANCED OPEN WATER divers (of at least 12 years and who have completed the compass navigation dive) can sign up for the RESCUE DIVER course. You must also have completed a First Responder course (CPR and First Aid) in the last 24 months. You can complete this training in the RESCUE DIVER course. Your instructor can also teach the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course at the same time.

Cours de spécialité


Whether you've just earned your OPEN WATER DIVER certification or have hundreds of dives to your credit, the PADI SPECIALITY DIVER programs, which lead to the prestigious MASTER SCUBA DIVER qualification, offer you a whole new level of diving. Five specialized certifications will put you on the path to becoming a PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER.

Here are the specialties we offer:

Deep dive

Underwater digital photography

Diving with enriched air

Emergency oxygen provider

Night dive

Peak performance buoyancy

Project AWARE

AWARE - Coral reef conservation


Wreck Diving

Drift Diving

Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver

You are passionate. You want to join the cream of the diving-leisure, you want to live the lifestyle of the diving, to explore the underwater world, to travel and to discover things still unknown. Realize your dreams and become PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER - a label of distinction - that sets you apart and opens doors to unlimited adventures and opportunities with your experience and training in scuba diving.You are passionate. You want to join the cream of the diving-leisure, you want to live the lifestyle of the diving, to explore the underwater world, to travel and to discover things still unknown. Realize your dreams and become PADI MASTER SCUBA DIVER - a label of distinction - that sets you apart and opens doors to unlimited adventures and opportunities with your experience and training in scuba diving.


Do you like scuba diving? You want to share this passion? Your adventure as a professional diver begins with the PADI DIVEMASTER program. By working closely with your instructor, you will expand your diving skills and improve your skills to the professional level. The PADI DIVEMASTER training develops your leadership skills by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with their diving students.


VYou will hone your diving skills, for example by improving stabilization effortlessly and refining your rescue skills to anticipate and easily solve common problems. You will reinforce your knowledge of diving (physiology, environment, equipment, etc.) and your management and supervision skills so that you become a model for divers.

Dive Master

As a PADI DIVEMASTER, you guide divers, supervise scuba diving activities and assist instructors during diver’s trainings. To register for DIVEMASTER training you must be PADI RESCUE DIVER and at least 18 years old. You must also have:  

• Training in primary and secondary care (CPR and first aid) in the last 24 months.

• A medical declaration signed by a physician in the last 12 months.

• At least 40 registered dives to begin the course and 60 dives to obtain certification.  


Depending on your availability, the course can be completed in 2 weeks.

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