Plongeurs Dakar
Materiel de plongee neuf Dakar
You can become a member of the club and benefit from discounts on diving rates. You will also have a 3% discount on your purchases of Aqualung equipment purchased by the Club; you can sponsor a friend, a colleague, a family member for a pool try dive free of charge; once a year you can accompany a sea try divethat you have brought to the club.
35 000 FCFA/pers/year(53 euros)
60 000 FCFA/2 pers same family/year(90 euros)
75 000 FCFA/family/year (3 pers et +) (115 euros)
Prices for training (equipment included)
Prices for Exploratory Dives
(only BOTTLES and WEIGHTS provided)
* Exra cos Madeleine area : 5 000 FCFA (8 euros)
Exra cos NITROX : 3 000 FCFA (5 euros)